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Oct 20th, Jan 20, July 26, and just added April 12

 The Brock McGuire Band is steeped in Irish tradition and performs it with abiding respect and creativity. Residing in County Clare, button accordionist and melodeonist Paul Brock and fiddler Manus McGuire are two of Ireland’s most celebrated traditional musicians and have been at the forefront of Irish music for many years.

Performing with the Brock McGuire Band are two outstanding musicians: Galway player Enda Scahill, a multiple All-Ireland champion on tenor banjo and a senior All-Ireland Champion on mandolin; and Denis Carey, an acclaimed pianist, composer and arranger who hails from Newport, County Tipperary.

Brock McGuire Band will be Performing at McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Nashville’s newest and most Authentic Irish Pub. McNamara’s has quickly made a name for them selves as the preeminent live Irish Music Venue in Nashville.

Cost of the event: Advance Sale $12, Day of the Performance $15

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How to Use Your Inversion Table for the Best Results

If you’ve ever done yoga, you’re probably familiar with inversions and the amazing benefits that they pose for your body. In fact, they are one of the best ways to help relieve stress, elongate the spine, and promote positive circulation.

But did you know that you can get the same benefits without doing yoga? With an inversion table, you can!

An inversion table actually makes inversion simple for those who aren’t able to balance on their head or hands. All that you have to do is strap yourself onto the table, tilt yourself to a degree that feels appropriate, and then exercise without any pressure on your spine. Of course, you can also just choose to hang if you want.

  • Step 1: Adjustment and Prepare

The first step for any exercise is to first adjust your inversion table to the right height. The right height should allow your head to rest comfortably without hanging over any edges. Of course, it’s always best to read the instruction manual that comes with your table to ensure that you’re following all proper instructions.

  • Step 2: Determine Your Angle

The angle that you choose to invert to is essential to ensure that you get a proper workout.

Often, beginners like to start with just a minor slant, such as 90 degrees. Of course, those who are more advanced then feel that 180 degrees is appropriate. However, it’s often best to make this change gradually to allow your body to fully acclimate.

Every inversion table also comes with a safety strap that makes it simple to adjust your angle.

  • Step 3: Strap Yourself In and Invert

Once you’re ready to invert, you should stand with your back against the table and with your feet placed directly in the footrests. Again, it’s important to reference your instructional manual to ensure that you’re doing this properly.

After you’re secure, you can lean back to begin rotating the table. If you want, you can hold onto the handles as well. The best thing to do is to adjust slowly to ensure that you feel comfortable the entire time.

  • Step 4: Breathe Deeply and Relax

It’s important to breathe deeply, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Beginners often find that they’re only comfortable to invert for a few minutes whereas those who are more advanced can invert for up to 20 minutes or more.

  • Step 5: What to do While You Invert

While you’re inverting, you will want to stretch your back for 30 to 60 second intervals. Of course, you might also want to perform crunches to help strengthen your abs. Truly, the amount of different exercises that you can do is truly spectacular.

Step 6: Bring Yourself Back to Your Natural State

When you’re done with your workout and are ready to pull yourself up you can do so by pulling with your handles. You’ll want to return to your natural state slowly to avoid feeling dizzy.

Once you’re steady, you can unlock your feet and walk off the machine.

Want to Learn More About Inversion Tables?

Finding the best inversion table for your needs doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. In fact, when you read just some inversion table reviews you can get a great sense of which best meets your needs and specifications. More Information @ smartinversiontables.com

Of course, it’s important to practice the safe steps we’ve discussed above regardless of what table you choose. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the numerous benefits you have to gain only through inversion therapy (no yoga required).

Understanding the Critical Role of Closeouts in Today’s Economy 400

Like the weather, the various developments throughout the world can be highly unpredictable. Whether it’s a global financial crisis, a tremendous hurricane, or even mounting tensions between foreign countries, the developments in the world have a huge impact on businesses. For consumers, these events can affect our security and the stability of our livelihood. In times of crisis, consumption contracts and we look for various ways to save our money.

When the economy contracts, trendy clothing or classy furniture gets put on the back burner.

Many people become willing to sacrifice the latest trends for something functional instead. In times like these, where do you think you can purchase electronics, footwear, furniture, or even cars at bargain prices? What if you find yourself in need of these items but you must stay in budget? Fear not! There is a highly convenient avenue to save your dollars and yet get a great investment for your money. This practical method is through closeout or liquidation buyers help business sell their stall inventory.

These closeouts are a great way to help us save money and still get quality.

In times of crisis when resources are quite challenging to come by, any small method we can use to set aside money is highly valuable. Closeouts let you do this without sacrificing quality for your time and money. The merchandise available through closeout deals are often varied and of good quality, it simply takes a little effort to select the right deal. Closeout and liquidation merchandise are sold in bulk, allowing you to take advantage of economies of scale. The products themselves usually come from department stores, manufacturing companies, catalogs, and occasionally bankruptcy deals as well. If you play your cards right, you should be able to acquire quality products at a fraction of their standard retail prices. It

Inflation and price level increases are inevitable. After all, think how boring life would be if we lived in an unchanging world! Every down side, such as prices rising, the economy contracting during a crises, and the like always have  silver lining. If you’re creative enough and willing to put in a little effort to do your research, you can take advantage of the creative solutions people have come up with. If you need to stick to budget, there’s no need to compromise quality. Simply find the right avenue to attain quality goods and save money through discounts, like closeouts and liquidation merchandise. Get more for less, indeed!

Choosing the Best Appliances for Your Home: Tips to Keep On Budget and On Track

Household appliances are a central part of daily living. They are long-term investments that should help us maintain the cleanliness and sanctity of the home. As such, it’s important to choose the right appliance. We’ve outlined steps for you to follow to aid you in making the right decision on appliances.

1. Consider Spatial Limitations

You might be able to find the perfect refrigerator, or the microwave that has just the right features. However, if you fail to answer one important question, your money will have gone to waste. Does it fit? The first thing you should do before setting out to pay good money on an appliance is to measure the space you’ve allotted for it. Write down these spatial limits to help you narrow down your search much quicker.

2. Read Reviews

The advent of the internet is a great thing. There are so many sites around that list reviews about products and major appliances. Use this to your advantage by looking up the different models of appliance that you need. It will also cut out the models that come riddled with problems, or the manufacturers that provide bad service. Knowing this information before you buy the product will save you a whole lot of time and trouble. Customer Reports are also very helpful. These reviews regularly test appliances, and will offer much valuable information to you. If you need help contact a repair company that can help you. I use these guys(link) and if you want to find more information about them you can find that here.

3. The Cleanliness Factor

Cleaning your appliances is inevitable. This is especially applicable if you want your appliance to last longer. In light of this, you should consider how easy it will be to clean the appliance. Appliances that come with hard to reach places that could accumulate dirt, or parts that are difficult to be disassembled and cleaned are going to pose future problems. Appliances with flat panels that are easy to clean are highly economical.

4. Be Practical with Features

With technology and research and development booming, many appliances on the market come with a smattering of features. It’s hard not to be dazzled by these, but make sure you choose appliances with features that you actually need. Salesmen will convince you to buy appliances by listing the million things they can do. Before you get ready to buy a refrigerator that doubles as a rocketship, first ask yourself if you really need it. It would do well to remember that more features come with more cost. Be practical and pay for what you really need

5. Consider Energy Consumption

Not many people know to check the energy rating when it comes to buying an appliance. This actually has the potential to save you much more money in the long term. Throughout the life of the machine, more energy consumption will mean a heft electricity bill and easier burnout of your appliance. Investing in energy efficient models when you purchase appliances helps you save time, money, and even the environment!